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Wirral Chambers’ Wirral Business Awards Customer Service Winners!

Our senior management team attended Wirral Chambers’ Wirral Business Awards on Friday, where we had been nominated for the Customer Service Award, sponsored by Liverpool John Lennon Airport. We feel our customer service is defined by our success as a business and since Joanne Finnerty Recruitment was established back in 2013 we have grown tremendously, our key to success is to only promise what we can deliver and follow strict SLA’s and KPI’s which we set ourselves. This success was realised on Friday when we received the award for Customer Service.

As a recruitment business we have two sets of customers – candidates who we find jobs for and our clients who we recruit for. Without our candidates we would not be able to function as a business. We offer them an honest and transparent service.  We can announce we were the chosen winners of the Wirral Business Awards Customer Service Award and took the stage proudly at Thornton Manor on Friday to accept the award and certificate and kind gift from Tranmere Rovers Football Club.

Our thanks go to Wirral Chamber and Liverpool John Lennon Airport for awarding us, and a special THANK YOU to all our clients, candidates, suppliers and our business networks for their amazing support during the past three years. We look forward to building on this success and growing and expanding our team.

Recruitment is a consistently changing market due to business trends, talent availability and the economy. In the current marketplace, talent attraction is more important than ever and when we meet with clients to discuss new vacancies, we offer help and advice to enable them to be an “employer of choice” for the local area.  These are just 3 of our top tips:

  • Sell Yourself

True talent is becoming hard to find, particularly in certain sectors and so it falls upon the organisation to make their opportunity and business more attractive to the prospective candidate. Before you advertise make sure your website is up to date with recent events, blogs and information about you and your business, perhaps create an “About Us” page. This allows candidates to research and make the right decision on accepting interviews.

During the interview, speak about your core values, talk about your team and how you work together, and create a picture in the candidates mind so they can envision themselves working with you. In todays’ market candidates have more choice and power, so create an environment people want to work in.

  • Competency Based

Measure your candidates on real experience they have had by asking for examples, allow them to demonstrate their skills and background with tangible knowledgeable answers that will give you the confidence in their ability to make that important offer. Questions like, “Give me an example of a time you have gone the extra mile?” or “Give me an example of your problem solving ability?” these questions should be industry specific and a real time situation that happens or will happen within your own business.

  • Target Success

Talk about your business success, your plans for the future and what potential opportunities for progression are there in the business, as well as the current structure of the business. Candidates who have multiple offers will want to think about the long term goals of your business and whether it aligns with their personal development path. Remember not to over promise, only talk about things you know the business is capable of delivering.

If you would like to speak to us regarding the Wirral Business Awards or perhaps want more advice on your recruitment, please call us on 0151 601 5288 or email