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JF Recruitment Feb Newsletter

The latest from the JFR Team! February, 2022. 

Starting Salary Price Hike!

“Starting salaries have risen between 15-50% according to Croner market data”…

And it’s not only the starting salaries war to attract talent, businesses have had to react to retain their current staff by offering them pay increases. It’s said sectors like Finance, Wealth Management and IT are likely to offer up to 25% to senior professionals during the first quarter alone.

This is an ongoing impact from the skills gap which historically only effected a pocket of industries and is now widespread.

The result has seen predictions of continuing increase of pay until Quarter 2/3 when pay rates are expected to plateau for at least 6 months. So what can businesses do to help themselves moving forward?

Having a strong pay policy and salary benchmarking in place will help you navigate through this market. Allowing you to grow a strong workforce whilst maintaining a level of control on your costs.

Negotiation will also be key when attracting new hires, and the overall package must be considered.

Want to talk more about salary benchmarking or need a recommendation to implement a pay policy?

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Trending News!

In case you’ve missed it!

  • Ikea to cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff who need to self-isolate because of Covid Exposure – What are your thoughts on this decision?
  • Plan to invest £75m on South resort moves forward
  • FCA’s pricing rules change could lead to exciting times for Brokers.
  • Some of the worlds largest businesses are falling short over their ‘Net Zero’ Claims.
  • Wirral Council announce ‘Big Clean Up’ with a £50,000 fund.


Words of Praise!

  • One call to you and we know Recruitment is sorted!
  • Gave the role to two other agencies and you were The Only One to come back with CV’s – both fab candidates and we offered that day!
  • Having the Right People in the team has made such a difference. I can breathe!
  • You know our Culture and we never have any nasty surprises when it comes to offer
  • The After Service is Invaluable!

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Time to Niche!

We will still be servicing our generalist clients of course, however due to our specialisms within business, our niche sectors ARE:

  • GOLF

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Jo’s Advice

Negotiation and Quick Decisions win the Talent Race!

Our clients recent recruitment success is down to three key areas:

  • Get the interview process right! This involves speed of decision making, and no convoluted processes.
  • Position your business correctly, salary, and package. If your budget doesn’t stretch to pay hikes, there are other areas to consider. (Speak to us for advice).
  • Don’t wait to interview 10 candidates, if you like someone at interview – make the offer! Otherwise someone else will!

Need more guidance, call us on 0151 601 5288 or email to arrange a call.

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