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Support and Resources For Job Seekers

Although this is a very candidate driven market at the moment, there are still a lot of people unemployed that need support:

Here’s my top tips on where to get help!

  • H&M have launched an initiative called One Second Suit. You can hire a suit from them for 24 hours absolutely free! They even deliver it to you door! Click the link to find out more –
  • Suited for Success UK is a charity offering unemployed people free interview suits and smart workwear (yours to keep). They also offer interview coaching and presentation skills training. They also have a program offering help and support to those who have lost their job due to the Covid19 Pandemic. Check out their website for more details –
  • The Womens Organisation based in Liverpool offer free advice, support and tools to empower women through wellbeing, financial literacy, confidence, welfare rights and debt advice to name a few. For support or information, visit their website –
  • Finally, the JFR team want to help in any way we can. If you are about to update your CV, or perhaps you are writing one for the first time, we have a simple CV template and guide that can help. Drop me a DM or email and ask for a copy of our CV template.

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