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We are in a candidate driven market – if you see a candidate you like, offer them the job!

Not all industries are created equal and for many out there at the moment, companies are finding they no longer hold all the power as recruiting really experienced, high calibre candidates is a struggle.

Since the 2010 recession, many candidates that were made redundant or found themselves out of work have retrained, or the ones that survived the redundancy bubble have remained loyal to their employers. This has meant that within certain industries finding that forever candidate has become increasingly difficult, this has only one outcome, a power shift, suddenly it’s the candidate that holds the power. To read more please follow the link to our website

Within certain industries right now, candidates with a solid work background who are able to demonstrate their ability and proven experience are realising their worth in the market place. This is no bad thing, but when you are a business who is recruiting for a new member of staff, you need to make sure you’re in a position to act quickly when you find that certain person.

In recent weeks we’ve watched candidates literally fly off the market, registering with us on a Tuesday and by Thursday they’ve accepted an offer from a business, so those clients who have long recruitment processes or a lot of red tape to approve recruitment are losing out to candidates where other businesses are acting quicker and making offers immediately.

At JF Recruit, we understand that finding the right person for your business is critical, that’s why our processes ensure that the candidates we send to you are a good fit for your business and capable of performing the duties required in the role, so when you interview a candidate and you like them, be ready to make that offer, or you risk losing them to another business.

If you would like further assistance with interview techniques or streamlining your recruitment process, we’d be happy to help, call one of the team on 0151 601 5288 or email