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Trust is a Two-Way Street

We recently polled a collective audience on social media to discover how people begin their search for a new job and our findings were that by rather a large lead the majority of individuals connect with a recruiter to assist them finding work.

One of the biggest reasons why an individual chooses to work with a recruiter is the level of trust you put in them, as a candidate it’s hugely important to trust your recruiter.

  • Your recruiter should have experience and connections
  • Your recruiter should be able to negotiate salary on your behalf
  • Your recruiter should help you prepare for interview
  • Your recruiter should have the same end goal


Here’s where for most individuals the trust ends, but as a recruiter it’s massively important for us to trust our candidates. Trust is a two way street.

If you join JF Recruit as a candidate, we need to trust you too, and we deliver on our commitment to trust by always adhering to the following things:

  • We will negotiate salary on your behalf
  • We will help you prepare for interview
  • We will open our heads to offer our experience
  • We will introduce you to our connections to get you your dream job
  • We will have the same end goal as you


In order for us to deliver on those promises, we need commitment back from you:

  • Be honest with us if you are on interview elsewhere (if there’s a job you’d rather have, tell us, it will allow us to plan for our clients and YOU better)
  • Be honest about your salary expectations from day one. (if you apply for a job but secretly know you need/want more money – tell us, we might be able to negotiate for you)
  • Tell us your long term goals (we might be able to get you there quicker)
  • Make the commitment to prepare for your interviews (if you’re not going to attend, just let us know)

Once a candidate works with us and is honest, we will work hard until you are in your dream job (however long it takes), however if the trust breaks, it’s so much harder for us to follow up on our promise.

TRUST – it really is a two way street. Help us help you. Build the trust!

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