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Has Covid19 created a new skills gap?

Whilst the permanent job market has been in decline in certain industries, the temporary jobs market and other industries are bringing a real demand for certain skills, however the question we have is are businesses being realistic with salaries as we see a continued fall in starting pay? (more…)

International Women’s Day : Joanne Finnerty

Meet Jo, our leader who founded JF Recruit in 2013. Jo is probably our most sporty member of the team, she can either be found walking laps of the marine lake, out on the golf course, or supporting our local team TRFC (as she’s a massive Tranmere Fan). Jo wanted to surround herself with great business women and co-founded the Fridays Fizzers, a great group of business women who meet to empower each other. Her International womens day quote is, “ Surround yourself with uplifting, funny, inspiring and positive people, don’t ever be afraid of changing jobs or careers and work hard to achieve what you want out of your life”.

JFR 2019 Update

With a HoHoHo we are rapidly approaching Christmas and the end of 2019, but don’t shed a tear, the JFR team are excited to move into the next decade and the year ahead 2020.

Firstly we’d like to give a little shout out to our strategic partners at Wirral Chamber, BNI and LinkedIn Online for all your support and working with us all year. (more…)

International Women’s Day : Julie McEvoy

Meet Julie, she’s been with us since August 2018. Julie is very VERY into game of thrones, and looking forward to the coming season (we wouldn’t say obsessed, honest!), but walking dead has kept her company whilst she’s been waiting. She’s just started Raving Fit and even has her own glow stick!! Her International womens day quote is “Who runs the world, Girls”.

International Women’s Day : Our Team

It’s International Women’s Day, so today we be introducing you to our girls and giving you a little more information about them.

Currently being a female based office, with exception of our hamster Henry, we are often referred to as the JF Recruit girls. Once a month we can be seen having lunch out together where all talk of the office is banned. We have a great office life too and always try and inspire and empower one another. We even have an inspirational mirror that boosts us when we walk into the office. “Hello Beautiful Soul”.

JF Recruit helps Wirral Chamber address the skills gap

JF Recruit are proud to be strategic partners of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, and our business mission is to help our clients sustain and grow by attracting and matching the right talent to their business. With staff recruitment and retention becoming a prominent issue for many businesses throughout our city region, Wirral Chamber are asking the question, ‘How do we meet the skills shortages with our next generation?’

Wirral Chamber alongside Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham have brought together a panel of experts to bring their thoughts and views on the topic and open for a Q&A, alongside a keynote speech by Mark Basnett, MD Liverpool City Region LEP. (more…)

Dare to Dream with Dyslexia

We are proud to have our account manager Katie Roberts speaking out in support of Dyslexia Awareness Week.

 Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that effects reading, writing and spelling, it is not a problem with intelligence, however people with dyslexia will require the right learning environment to progress.

“I was told at school in year seven, aged 11 that there’s no point putting me forward as I wouldn’t’ get any qualifications”. (more…)

Trust is a Two-Way Street

We recently polled a collective audience on social media to discover how people begin their search for a new job and our findings were that by rather a large lead the majority of individuals connect with a recruiter to assist them finding work. (more…)

GDPR, It Is Happening!

GDPR is a new EU regulation that will be enforced from 25 May 2018, it will strengthen and replace the current rules under the Data Protection Act (1998) by introducing new obligations for businesses and rights for individuals. (more…)